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The Oxford Club has launched a new marketing campaign for The Oxford Communiqué featuring “Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap” and a package of products called the Financial Freedom Blueprint.

By subscribing to The Oxford Communiqué today, you get a package of stock recommendation reports, financial analyses, and guides to creating a seven-figure financial freedom portfolio.

Should you subscribe to The Oxford Communiqué today? Can you really become a multimillionaire with the Financial Freedom Blueprint? What is Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap? Keep reading to find out.About The Oxford Communiqué

The Oxford Communiqué is a financial analysis and investment recommendation newsletter from The Oxford Club. It’s The Oxford Club’s flagship newsletter.

Each month, The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green, sends his latest thoughts on the market and his newest investment ideas. Subscribers receive specific investment recommendations that could help them earn huge returns on investment.

The Oxford Communiqué subscribers also receive bonus services like portfolio updates, urgent reports, and more.

By subscribing to The Oxford Communiqué today, you also get a bundle of bonus products called the Financial Freedom Blueprint. These bonus products recommend using various investment strategies – and investing in specific assets – to become a multimillionaire by the time you retire.What is Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap?

As part of a 2022 promotion, The Oxford Club has published a video featuring a discussion between Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green. The pair discuss Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap and how it could impact your investment decisions.

At the end of the presentation, you have the opportunity to sign up for The Oxford Communiqué at a discounted rate and receive the Financial Freedom Blueprint package of bonus materials.

Here’s what you need to know about Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap:Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist for The Oxford Club and editor of The Oxford Communiqué, has spotted a new investment opportunity related to healthcare.Alexander picked Amazon before its 10,000% run, and he recommended investing in Netflix before it surged 33,000%. He also recommended buying Apple before its 86,000% run.Alexander Green believes Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap “will change healthcare forever.”Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap is a small medical device (about 6.4 inches long and 3/4 of a pound).Alexander claims to be “one of the world’s foremost experts on medical device companies” and believes the device “will ultimately save millions of lives” in the United States. Some are calling it “the biggest healthcare innovation in half a century.”This breakthrough development will allow you to walk into any doctor’s office and instantly let the physician see your heart, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, intestines, and arteries without a CT scan, X-ray, MRI, or any invasive procedure.Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap “Could Be the Greatest Early Investing Opportunity of the Century”

Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green are discussing Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap because they believe the company behind the technology is a great investment opportunity.

In fact, Alexander Green describes it as one of the best investment opportunities in recent human history:

“This medical breakthrough could be the greatest early investing opportunity of the century. Its stock is well under $10.”

Here are some of the reasons Alexander recommends buying this medical technology company today:

Alexander likes the leadership of the company. Warren Buffett famously claims to invest in people – not companies. The creator of the award-winning device has an incredible backstory; he’s a brilliant scientist who won the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. He’s also known for bringing next-generation DNA sequencing to the world today, and he has a proven history of building and selling companies that deliver big profits for shareholders.

The founder sold one company for $93 million, another company for $140 million, and another for $375 million. He’s the first person ever to be named as the World Economic Forum’s “Technology Pioneer” three separate times for three companies he founded.

After founding a genomics company and taking it public in 1999, that company reached a $5 billion market cap by the next year. The stock rose from $3 in April 1999 to $100 per share the next February, delivering 3,000% gains in 10 months.

He was motivated to create this new company after watching his young daughter struggle with a serious medical condition. He wanted to create a new diagnostic tool that would allow doctors to spot problems like this even earlier. He launched the company with $20 million of his own money.

The new medical device is one of the world’s smallest, highest-powered, highest-resolution instant ultrasound devices.What Does the Medical Device Detect?

Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap is a medical device that can detect a long list of diseases. It’s a diagnostic tool that could soon appear in doctor’s offices around the world.

It can detect issues with internal organs that would not appear during an ordinary physical. It can also detect things like:TumorsAbnormal blood pressure and oxygen levelsCardiac emergenciesBone fracturesPneumoniaMany other diseases, illnesses, and conditionsAdvantages Over Legacy Ultrasound Devices

Alexander Green recommends investing in the new medical technology company because its ultrasound device is superior to legacy ultrasound devices.

Traditional ultrasounds cost $25,000 to $250,000, and many smaller clinics cannot afford them. They’re also immobile and create low-quality images.

“Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap” is a new and improved ultrasound capable of delivering higher-resolution images while being one of the smallest and most mobile devices on the market.

Here are some of the advantages the new device has over traditional ultrasounds, and why Alexander believes in the potential of the company:

Cost: Ultrasound machines are expensive. They cost $25,000 to $250,000. The new ultrasound is available at a fraction of the cost.

Mobility: You can’t move traditional ultrasound devices easily. They’re 400lbs, and they’re not easy or cost-effective to transport around the world or between clinics. The new ultrasound is mobile and handheld, and it’s one of the smallest on the market.

Image Quality: Ultrasound images are blurry, and it can be difficult to tell what’s going on in the picture. The new ultrasound device provides higher-resolution, better-quality images.

Time: It takes days to get a diagnosis from traditional ultrasound readings. The next ultrasound machine lets a doctor view images instantly, giving you an instant diagnosis.

Avoid Buying Other Costly Machines: The new ultrasound is affordable on its own, but clinics can save even more money because they can avoid buying an MRI or CAT scan. The new ultrasound device replicates these devices at a fraction of the cost.

Overall, the new ultrasound device is purportedly 100 times faster, 100 times cheaper, and creates images 100 times the resolution of traditional ultrasound devices.All Top 100 Hospitals in the United States Already Use Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap

Many medical technology companies promise the world, only to never create a product that actually works. That’s not the case with Alexander Green’s newest identified investment opportunity. In fact, the device is already at every one of the top 100 hospitals in the country.

The FDA has approved the use of the handheld ultrasound device for 13 clinical conditions covering the entire body from head to toe.

The military is also using the device in its combat support hospitals.

One famous story covering the device described how a doctor used it to detect a ruptured ectopic pregnancy – a condition that can be deadly to the mother. The device detected the incident in minutes.

The South Metro fire department in Denver started using these devices. After responding to a cardiac incident, the crew used the ultrasound to detect cardiac activity and resuscitate the patient.

The chief medical officer of the company used the ultrasound device to discover a potentially terminal lump on his own neck.Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap is an “Ideal Investment”

Overall, the goal of Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap presentation is to convince you that the new ultrasound company is an “ideal investment.”

Here are some of the other reasons to invest in the company, according to Alexander Green:It’s backed by proven, visionary leadership.It’s a tremendous innovator with a revolutionary new technology.It’s a small to midcap company with tremendous growth potential.It has a market cap of $1.16 billion and is priced under $10 per share.It’s experiencing terrific sales growth, crushing recent earnings by 91%.

Ultimately, the company plans to sell the device to 40 million people in healthcare, which would deliver $96 billion in future revenue.

The company went public on the New York Stock Exchange in late 2020. It’s a relatively new company, and Alexander believes its brightest days lie ahead.

For all of these reasons and more, Alexander Green believes this company is the “ideal investment” that “could be like buying Apple in the ’90s or Netflix and Amazon in the 2000s.”

To learn the name and ticker symbol of the company along with other information, subscribe to The Oxford Communiqué today. You get a package of bonus reports as part of The Financial Freedom Blueprint.What is the Financial Freedom Blueprint?

By subscribing to The Oxford Communiqué today, you get a package of bonus guides, reports, and videos called the Financial Freedom Blueprint.

As the name suggests, the Financial Freedom Blueprint aims to help you get rich by making smart investment decisions.

Some of the guides recommend investing in specific companies – like the medical device company listed above. Other guides discuss three steps to creating a 7-figure, multi-million dollar portfolio.

The Financial Freedom Blueprint includes:The Next Ten-Bagger: Handheld Ultrasound – Powered by AICapture Massive Profits in AI MedicineThree Steps to a Seven-Figure PortfolioThe Multi-Millionaire’s Handbook: Unknown But Proven Ways to Create Cash

You get instant access to all of these reports by subscribing to The Oxford Communiqué today.What’s Included with The Oxford Communiqué?

As part of a 2022 promotion, The Oxford Club is bundling a package of bonus guides and reports with all new subscriptions to The Oxford Communiqué.

Here’s what you get when you subscribe today:

Monthly Issues of The Oxford Communiqué: Each month, Alexander Green sends subscribers a new issue of The Oxford Communiqué. Issues feature investment ideas, stock picking recommendations, market updates, notes on the latest earnings announcement, and more.

The Next Ten-Bagger: Handheld Ultrasound – Powered by AI: This report gives complete details of the medical technology company behind a small, handheld, ultrasound device that could change the future of medicine. Alexander Green describes the technology as “Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap,” and it’s already in use at each of America’s top 100 hospitals. The device has 812 patents protecting its intellectual property, just struck a deal with a distributor giving it access to 2 billion people worldwide, and is trading for less than $10. This report details the name and ticker symbol of the company, as well as further details about why Alexander believes it’s a powerful investment opportunity with “ten-bagger” potential.

Capture Massive Profits in AI Medicine: Artificial intelligence is changing the world of medicine. In this report, you can discover a company that’s developing better medicines at faster speeds than ever before. That company is using artificial intelligence to achieve it. The company has 25 projects underway, including one of the world’s first trials of an AI-created immune-oncology drug. It’s also flush with cash, sitting with hundreds of millions in cash. Plus, it just signed a deal with pharma giant Sanofi. And, it’s trading for less than $15 per share. For all of these reasons, Alexander sees it as a great investment opportunity. This report details the name and ticker symbol of the stock.

Three Steps to a Seven-Figure Portfolio: This is a series of three videos explaining how you can create a seven-figure portfolio. Each video is in crystal clear HD and is easy for anyone to understand – even if you’ve never purchased stocks in your life. You can start, top, and rewind each video at your own pace.

The Multi Millionaire’s Handbook: Unknown But Proven Ways to Create Cash: Millionaires use secret and proven techniques to continue building their wealth. This guide explains 41 of the elite’s best wealth-building secrets.

Access to Model Portfolio: After subscribing to The Oxford Communiqué, you get access to Alexander’s model portfolio with stocks he has previously recommended buying. You can see entry and exit points for each stock, the average returns, and other details.

Overall, the goal of this package is to help you maximize income, minimize taxes, minimize market risks, dominate broad market returns every year, and live a financially free life without money, worry, or concerns.How Much Money Can You Make with The Oxford Communiqué?

Although past earnings do not guarantee future returns, The Oxford Communiqué’s sales page is filled with testimonials from customers who made huge returns after following Alexander’s investment advice.

Here are some of the earning claims made by The Oxford Communiqué subscribers:

One member invested in three stocks Alex recommended and “made $5,867” on those three stocks in less than three weeks, with more than 25% increases across the stocks

Another member claims he is “up $164,000 within two years” after investing in four of Alex’s recommended stocks (with a loss of 4% on one stock and gains of 112%, 137%, and 331% on the other three stocks)

One man claims he expects to “double my net worth again over the next 10 years” with help and advice from Alexander Green and The Oxford Communiqué

According to Bill O’Reilly, Alexander is “guaranteeing you see the chance to beat the market by 200% or more this year,” based on The Oxford Communiqué’s portfolio returns

Another member claims “the guy [Alexander Green] has made me a lot of money”The Oxford Communiqué Pricing

The Oxford Communiqué is priced at $49 to $99 for your first year, depending on your subscription option.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:Basic Subscription ($49 for your first year, then $79 per year thereafter): Includes digital-only subscription to The Oxford CommuniquéPremium Subscription ($99 per year): Includes digital and print subscriptions to The Oxford Communiqué, plus additional bonus reports.

The website also lists a standard subscription for $129, which includes digital and print subscriptions to The Oxford Communiqué. However, it’s priced higher than the premium subscription and includes less content.Bonuses Included with The Oxford Communiqué’s Premium Subscription

If you subscribe to The Oxford Communiqué’s Premium Subscription today, then you get bonus reports above and beyond the bonus reports included in the Financial Freedom Package.

Bonus #1: “Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow: The Official Portfolio Guide” ($99 Value): A 10-bagger is a stock that delivers returns of 1,000%. A single 10-bagger could change your investment future forever. In this report, you can discover some of the predicted 10-bagger stocks of tomorrow.

Bonus #2: “The ‘All-Star Portfolio’ Strategy” ($99 Value): Adjusting your portfolio strategy today could reap huge rewards in the future. This report explains how all star investors customize their portfolio.

Bonus #3: “How to Claim Up to an Extra $130,000 in Social Security” (From The Oxford Income Letter – $99 Value): You could claim an extra $130,000 in Social Security with a small adjustment. This report explains how.

Bonus #4: The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Company That Will Dominate the Next Decade” (From Oxford Growth Investor – $99 Value): Hydrogen fuel is changing the energy space. This report recommends investing in one specific hydrogen fuel cell company that could dominate the next decade.The Oxford Communiqué Refund Policy

The Oxford Communiqué is backed by a 365-day moneyback guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, then contact The Oxford Club within 365 days to get every penny back on your membership with no questions asked.

As part of your refund, you will also receive a free additional year of membership to The Oxford Communiqué. Plus, you get to keep all of the bonus guides and gifts.About The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a financial publishing company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.

You can contact The Oxford Club via the following:Email Form: https://oxfordclub.com/contact-us/Phone: 866-237-0436Mailing Address: 105 W. Monument St, Baltimore, MD 21201Final Word

The Oxford Club is promoting its flagship newsletter, The Oxford Communiqué, with a new package of bonus guides and reports.

Called “Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap,” one specific handheld ultrasound technology is changing the world of medicine. According to Alexander Green of The Oxford Communiqué, investing in the company today would be like buying Amazon or Netflix stock in the 2000s or Apple stock in the 1990s.

By subscribing to The Oxford Communiqué, you can discover the name of this company along with a bundle of bonus investment reports. These reports are known as the Financial Freedom Blueprint.

To learn more about Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap, the Financial Freedom Blueprint, and The Oxford Communiqué, subscribe today by clicking here! >>>

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