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By Joanne Heng last updated 9 March 22

POS Nation offers straightforward pricing plans, comprehensive customer support, and a great range of features packed within an intuitive interface. Those looking for a large selection of third-party app integrations, however, should look elsewhere.

POS Nation offers straightforward pricing plans, comprehensive customer support, and a great range of features packed within an intuitive interface. Those looking for a large selection of third-party app integrations, however, should look elsewhere.

Lack of third-party app integration

24/7 support is a paid feature for some users

Business owners who would like to streamline their workflow to maximize profits and productivity should look at some of the best POS systems on the market. POS Nation, an all-in-one retail POS provider that serves over 10,000 customers, is one worth considering.

In our POS Nation review, we’ll go over important aspects of the service to help you decide if its solutions are right for your business. . 

POS Nation offers two pricing plans and a third at discretion. 

At $99 a month, Flex Monthly is a pricing plan that comes with POS software, a touch PC, scanner, chip card reader, cash drawer, and receipt printer. Users will also be granted 24/7 customer support and a lifetime warranty, and can cancel the subscription at any time.  

A second plan, offers the same software and hardware at a one-off fee of $999. You’ll also get a free chip card reader, a two-year hardware warranty, and a lifetime POS software license. 

You can purchase additional hardware like tablets with charging docks, barcode and label printers, and other accessories. The prices of these items are not listed on the site, so you’ll have to contact the sales team for a quote. 

Additionally, for business owners with unique needs, POS Nation offers a Custom Build plan, a fully bespoke option for you to build a custom solution. Contact POS Nation for the most accurate business quote. 

POS Nation's POS systems boasts several useful features. We’ll take a look at some here.

With POS Nation, inventory can be tracked and managed according to departments and categories. There’s also a nifty feature that automates your order purchases for items that are low on stock. Purchase orders will be issued to your vendors automatically, and once you’ve received the inventory, the system instantly updates the inventory count. 

POS Nation also offers a unique mix-and-match pricing feature that allows you to create and sell grouped items and product bundles. This can help you increase sales and get rid of items that have long been sitting in your inventory.

Like most POS service providers, POS Nation’s system allows your staff to clock in and out for you to track their working hours. But in addition, there are features that keep business security in mind. For example, you’ll be able to set permissions to restrict what a particular employee can access. A blind counts feature also hides from employees how much cash is in the cash drawer at any point in time. 

This level of control is extended to POS Nation’s customer management tools. The service’s built-in customer management program records your customer’s data and purchase history for you to provide better customer service and create loyalty programs. You can even analyze the purchase patterns of your customers with POS Nation’s built-in customer loyalty functions. 

POS Nation integrates with QuickBooks for accounting purposes. You’ll also find an e-commerce module that helps you connect your website with the POS for greater inventory management. That's all you get in terms of POS Nation's third-party app integrations, though. 

POS Nation’s add-on feature ($15/month), Retail Mobile Dashboard, gives you backend access to your business from any mobile device with an internet connection. You’ll be able to access business reports, graphs, and charts at any time of the day. POS Nation boasts over 55 reports—from sales reports to customer reports—and all of them can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

With POS Nation, you’ll be able to create a customized system that’s designed specifically for your business, industry, and team. Its software has a clean interface and you can easily attach photographs to items for easy viewing. Your employees can use graphical buttons and customized departments to categorize your items to streamline their workflow. 

POS Nation’s mobile dashboard on the backend is similarly intuitive. On its uncluttered interface, you’ll find easy-to-read charts and graphs of sales data broken down by department, by hour, or by item. 

Customers subscribed to a Flex Monthly plan are granted 24/7 phone and email support. Users subscribed to the Freedom plan can pay $39.99/month for this priority support. Otherwise, the Freedom Plan only comes with three months of support during business hours. 

All customers are granted access to self-help resources like video tutorials, an FAQ page, a comprehensive knowledge base, and an active blog, all of which can be found on POS Nation’s website. 

Multi-layered security protocols are built into POS Nation’s software to protect your customer’s credit card data from hackers. Credit or debit card numbers are never kept in the system in an unencrypted state. 

Instead, they are encrypted at the pinpad and passed directly to the processor for authorization. In other words, sensitive information is never stored in the database.   

POS Nation’s lack of third-party integrations might leave some business owners disappointed. If this is you, consider Brilliant POS or Lightspeed POS, both of which seamlessly integrate with a large selection of third-party apps. With Brilliant POS, however, you’ll have to spend some time navigating complicated pricing plans. 

Lightspeed POS plans are much more straightforward and feature the same level of customization as POS Nation, but a lower price—the cheapest plan is $69/month. 

As an all-in-one retail POS provider, POS Nation offers straightforward pricing plans, comprehensive customer support, and a great range of features packed within a secure and intuitive interface. 

Although POS Nation’s lack of third-party app integrations may leave some wanting more, the service's bespoke solutions and out-of-the-box functionalities will leave most users satisfied.  

Joanne is a freelance writer based in Singapore, with a background in Sociology and a keen interest in technology. A seasoned and passionate writer, Joanne has worked with such global publications as TechRadar, Tom's Guide, CreativeBloq, and more. When she's not writing, she can usually be found binge-watching trashy reality shows on Netflix.

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