Pedestrian traffic dynamic face recognition device integrated biometric speed gate

OEM/ODM access control system biometric speed turnstile sliding turnstile gate Basic parameters1. Dimensions: length * width * height: 1400 mm *350mm *980 mm2. Cabinet material: 1.5mm thick SUS3043. Door material: 8mm thick acrylic4. Intermediate partition material: 8mm thick acrylic5. Channel width: ≤600mm6. Ambient tem

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OEM/ODM access control system biometric speed turnstile sliding turnstile gate

Pedestrian Traffic Dynamic Face Recognition Device Integrated Biometric Speed Turnstile

Basic parameters

1. Dimensions: length * width * height: 1400 mm *350mm *980 mm
2. Cabinet material: 1.5mm thick SUS304
3. Door material: 8mm thick acrylic
4. Intermediate partition material: 8mm thick acrylic
5. Channel width: ≤600mm
6. Ambient temperature: -20 degrees to 70 degrees
7. Working environment: indoor and outdoor (with rain shed outside)

Technical parameters
1. Input voltage: 100V~240V
2. Drive voltage: 24V
3. Equipment power: 35W
4. Response time: 0.2S
5. Traffic speed: normally open 50 people/min; normally closed 35 people/min
6. Communication interface: RS485
7. Communication distance: less than 1200m
8. Opening signal input: dry contact
9. Opening and closing time: less than 1S
(1) Automatic return function: After the passage process is completed, the brake
wings automatically return to the initial blocking position.
(2) Power-off and opening function: When the power is off, the system will
automatically open the brake wings to open, which is convenient for evacuation
of the crowd and meets fire protection requirements.
(3) Anti-illegal intrusion function: When the card is invalid, there is no card
swiping, or the passage is forbidden, the forcible entry into the channel will be
regarded as illegal intrusion, and the system will automatically alarm and close
the flap.
(4) Anti-reverse intrusion function: Before the end of the passage process in a
certain direction, pedestrians entering the passage from the opposite direction
will be regarded as reverse intrusion, the system will automatically alarm and
close the wing.
(5) Anti-trailing function: The photoelectric switch detects the pedestrian traffic
situation, and detects the following phenomenon (the people behind are close to
the person in front, intending to pass without swiping the card), the system will
automatically alarm and close the brake wings.
(6) Intelligent linkage alarm: including illegal intrusion, reverse traffic and other
alarms, which can be linked with other alarm monitoring equipment and can be heard.
(7) Anti-pinching and anti-collision function:
A. Infrared anti-pinch: Install multiple pairs of photoelectric switches near the
area where the wing is active (anti-pinch area). Once a person or object is
detected in the anti-pinch area, the wing automatically stops; The flaps
continued to move.
Product advantages
1. Cabinet part:
1.1. Frame material: 304 #, thickness 1.2- 1.5 mm;
1.2. Multi-layer drawing on the surface of the frame;
1.3. The frame is welded by fixtures;
2. Drive Movement part:
2.1. Low noise;
2.2. Movement frame material 6061 profile aluminum;
2.3. The inner guide pulley adopts metal bearings;
3. Electric control accessories:
3.1. Switching power supply adopts brand power supply to make its operating
voltage more stable;
3.2. The infrared sensor uses a domestic brand, and the internal parts are
imported parts;
Third, customized extended functions:
1.Counting and alarm functions;
2. The material of the flap (retractable arm) is acrylic or soft flap. The colors are
red, black and blue. The amount can be customized separately
3. Case material is mainly 304 stainless steel, other materials can also be
4.Remote control switch
5. Dynamic face recognition
6. Can add emergency escape function, in the case of special emergency, start by
remote button
7. The communication interface is mainly RS232 / RS485, other interfaces
8.Box thickness standard 1.5mm can be customized 2.0mm
10. Fingerprint recognition of time attendance
11. QR code pass


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