Warning from the Bank of Spain: pay attention when using a credit or debit card for purchases | Sur in English

2022-08-26 22:26:05 By : Ms. tongtai shoes

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If a problem arises with a contactless payment it is very hard to resolve. / sur

“Do you want a copy?” It’s a question everyone is asked when they pay with a bank card.

The answer is usually no, because the client will have all the details on their receipt or on their banking app. The Bank of Spain agrees that the paper copy is not needed, and what is more, it is more environmentally friendly not to print it out. But, the bank says, before saying no, make sure the amount you are being charged is correct and is shown on the screen of the card machine.

It's quite obvious advice: always look to see how much you are paying. But now that contactless payments are becoming more common, and the fact that the amounts payable by this method were raised because of the pandemic, there could be problems, says the Bank.

Because most contactless transactions go through without the client being asked for the PIN (the limit is usually 50 euros), people often just swipe the card and don’t look at the amount.

If you are charged too much for a contactless payment, it is always difficult to resolve, the Bank of Spain says, although if you have retained a paper copy of the transaction it will help you to maintain control.

It says everyone should make a habit of checking the amount which is shown on the screen of the card machine, and comparing the till receipt with the amount they were charged.

Another option is to ask your bank to send you a text message every time you use your card to make a payment, as this is an instant way of checking that the transaction was correct.