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Tech News / Are You Using The Full Power Of Your Android Device?

Android phones are constantly getting better and better, not only in terms of hardware quality and price but also in terms of software availability. Application developers are taking advantage of the freedom the Android App Store allows for, releasing user-friendly applications that can help Android users improve the quality of their everyday activities. The problem is that many Android device owners do not understand the full capabilities of their portable device and this means that they do not fully utilize the product they hold in their hands.

Android devices can offer their users a world of fun. Some may use them to play Netent’s casino games on the go, others to chase Pokémon, and others to solve Sudoku puzzles. There are also those who stream movies and series of popular streaming services on their phones. The video game and the overall entertainment options one can find on the Google Play Store are more than just a few and this means that you can switch from one entertainment app to another whenever you want to try something new.

Android phones can handle any type of software you throw at them. This means that they can even run demanding software, such as the ones investors use in order to trade financial assets. Occasional and professional traders use their phones in order to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, in order to exchange fiat currencies, and in order to invest in stocks or commodities. Most trading applications are pretty well designed and Android users will not have any problems while navigating from page to page and from trading option to trading option. Apart from that, professionals can turn their phones to POS devices, which can accept payments for a product or service.

Androids and smartphones, in general, can be an athlete’s best friend. Apart from being able to do the very basics, such as, for example, to time your laps, Androids can run software that can help you improve your game. Fitness apps are a multiple billion-dollar idea and Android users do not seem to mind the purchase cost of applications that can help them reach their fitness goals. On the other hand, there are those who prefer not paying for a service, but Androids are equally generous with this demographic too. You can find dozens of free-to-use applications on the app store. The only downside with using free apps is that they sometimes come with annoying advertisements.

Apart from games, trading functionalities and fitness support, Androids can help people that want to learn something new. Some use applications that can help them familiarise with the basics of a language they are trying to learn, while others use translating applications, which can help them while they are exploring a country as tourists. Just imagine finding yourself in the rural areas of Vietnam and trying to ask the locals for directions in order to go from point A to point B. In addition to the above, Android users can use applications on their phones as guides when they are trying to learn how to do something. For example, there are many who use knitting-guide applications, many who use cooking apps and many who use applications in order to learn how to play musical instruments.

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