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2022-06-10 22:54:54 By : Mr. Future Lee

Verisoft, which is one of the YTU Yıldız Technopark companies and has been operating since 1985, develops and supports software systems that cover all processes from the production of cards to the server systems that give online approval to transactions made with these cards via POS and ATM devices.Having the idea of ​​using a special store card with installments for the first time in Turkey and bringing the first POS device to Turkey, Verisoft serves many companies in Turkey and abroad.Arçelik, Nokia and Türk Telekom joined forces and launched the [email protected] program with the aim of supporting the commercialization and globalization processes of the products of enterprises that develop manufacturing industry technology solutions that come to life with 5G infrastructure in Turkey.Program, Industry and Technology ...Expressing that Turkey is one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of card systems, Onur Alver said, “After England, Turkey became the second country to issue EMV chip cards in 2003.As Verisoft, we had the chance to apply this EMV experience we gained in our country in many countries.Our systems, which facilitated the transition from magnetic cards to EMV chip cards, were successful.We reached 80% market share in many countries and we brought the first EMV chip card to many countries.After the contact chip cards, the contactless cards that we use frequently today emerged.Chip cards made coding a bit more complicated, but we easily overcame that.”said.Today, it has more than 100 customers in more than 32 countries, has branches in Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Bratislava and Sarajevo, and operates with local partners in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Macedonia, Greece, France and Germany. Verisoft serves its customers throughout the life cycle of a card.Stating that the transaction security of the debit or credit cards used depends on the generation of a cryptographic code, Onur Alver said, “The POS device adds that code directly by the card and sends it to your bank as a confirmation message request.The server, which allows the bank to approve, says 'such a code must be generated, but for this amount, on the following date, hour, minute and second'.This code never repeats, even if you do the same amount in the same place with the same card, because the hours and seconds change and the card has a credit, a different code is generated every time.When this data goes to the center, there is an HSM (Hardware Security Module) that controls this code, and it performs the cryptographic operation I mentioned earlier with this HSM, detects whether the incoming code is correct or incorrect, and confirms if it is correct.One of the products we serve is these cryptographic HSM devices.”he said.Changing world order will bring Android RevolutionStating that we are at a crossroads in the world of constantly changing payment systems technologies, Alver stated that the technology of recent years is Android and that many devices work with the Android Operating System, and this will bring the Android Revolution.Stating that they will exist in this revolution and that they have developed their technologies accordingly, Alver said, “There was a change in Turkey in 2013, cash registers in payment recording devices and pos devices were combined under the name YNÖKC (New Generation Payment Recording Device).With the VUK 507 communiqué issued in 2020, the way for Android devices to be used as cash registers has been paved.With the flexibility brought by the Android system, we were able to transform tablets and mobile devices into touch screen payment devices and integrate card readers on them.Enabled touch screen PIN entry with PCI PTS 5.x security certificate.We think this change will continue.”made statements.We produce technologies that make our lives easierSpeaking about the projects that Verisoft will implement in the coming days, Onur Alver said, “We are working on implementing an application that we have started to see in some places with a large store chain.With this application, you will be able to select the product you want, select the products via an Android tablet, make the card payment and produce the sales document digitally with the e-Invoice system, without going to the cash register.Again, when you cannot find a product you want in the store at that moment, the officer will be able to look at other stores on the tablet and send the product you want to your address free of charge.We plan to implement this project this summer.”said.Stating that social distancing payments have come to the fore with the changes in payment habits, Alver also stated that they have a project that offers the option to enter the card password from one's own mobile device.Alver said, “We currently have a large bank client in the UK.We will replace their PINPAD devices with such technology.When a customer comes to the bank, they will have a tablet in front of them.If the customer does not want to touch the tablet or a device that others have touched, he will be able to continue the transaction with peace of mind by scanning the QR on the tablet and entering the PIN code on his mobile phone.”he ended his speech.Your postal address will remain confidential.Allowed HTML tags,

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