80mm Restaurant POS Receipt/Ticket Printer (OCPP-88A)

pos printer,pos receipt printer,printer  80mm restaurant Pos receipt/bill printer (Model No.: OCPP-88A)Description-POS printer Deatails can be found at : http://szocomtech.en.made-in-china.comved-Version-OCPP-88A.html  This 3 inch thermal printer with model number ocpp-88a is a hot se

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pos printer,pos receipt printer,printer
 80mm restaurant Pos receipt/bill printer 
(Model No.: OCPP-88A)

-POS printer 

Deatails can be found at : http://szocomtech.en.made-in-china.comved-Version-OCPP-88A.html 

This 3 inch thermal printer with model number ocpp-88a is a hot selling multi-function 80mm thermal receipt printer, it supports USB, USB+Serial, USB+ LAN, USB+ Serial+ LAN; and Wifi+USB, Bluetooth+USB+LAN communication. Auto-cutter built-in or not. QR code surpported, ESC/POS commands compitable,  The optional sound and light alarmer is suitbale for kitchen applicarion. Driver for Win9X/ Window XP/ Win2000/ Win 2003/ Win Vista/ Win 7/ Win 8/win8.1/Linux, and SDK for Android are available.

-Thermal printer
  1. Unique appearance with reliable mould; 
  2. High Printing Speed up to 300mm/second;
  3. Optional auto Cutter ;
  4. Cord and cordless communication for options
  5. Multiple interfaces available: USB, USB+Serial, USB+ LAN, USB+ Serial+ LAN; and Wifi+USB, Bluetooth+USB+LAN
  6. Sound and light alarm supported suitable for kitchen application;
  7. Support multiple 1D and QR code types printing;
  8. Support multi international languages;
  9. SDK for Android available;
  10. Reliable printer head with 100km life;
  11. Compatible with EPSON ESC/POS commands.

-mobile printer
Printing MethodThermal line printing
Printing Character576dots/line (default),  512dots/line;
Characters :  Simplified Chinese 24x24 point, support 18030 font library, support Taiwan and HK traditional (complex font),  ANK characters;
FontA: 12*24dots,1.5(W)*3.0(H)mm;   
B: 9*17dots,1.1(W)*2.1(H)mm
Simplified/Traditional : 24*24dots, 3.0(W)*3.0(H)mm
Printing Speed250mm/sec for a single interface ,300mm/sec for Double interface and three interfaces
InterfaceUSB, USB+Serial, USB+ LAN, USB+ Serial+ LAN, Wifi+USB, Bluetooth+USB+LAN
Printing CommandCompatible with EPSON ESC/POS commands
DriversWin9X/ Window XP /Win2000/Win2003/Win Vista/ Win 7/ Win 8/win8.1/Linux, compatible with ESPON, SDK for Android available.
Paper Width79.5±0.5mm( print width 72mm)
Paper Diameter83mm
Paper Thickness  0.06-0.08mm  
CutterAuto cutter (optional)
Printing Reliability100km
Temperature0-45 degree C
Contrast Humidity10-80%
External Dimension 190*145*145(mm)
Ordering informationP/NDescription
OCPP-88A-Upos printer, USB port, with auto cutter
OCPP-88A-UR80mm pos printer, USB+Serial port, with auto cutter
OCPP-88A-ULPOS 80 Printer, USB+Lan port, with auto cutter
OCPP-88A-URLthermal printer, USB+Serial+Lan port, with auto cutter
OCPP-88A-Wwireless printer, Wifi+USB port, with auto cutter
OCPP-88A-BULbluetooth printer, Bluetooth+USB+LAN, with auto-cutter
OCPP-88A-U0cheap printer, USB port, without auto cutter
OCPP-88A-UR0receipt printer, USB+Serial port, without auto cutter
OCPP-88A-UL0cutter printer, USB+Lan port, without auto cutter
OCPP-88A-URL0usb printer, USB+Serial+Lan port, without auto cutter
OCPP-88A-W0wifi printer, Wifi+USB port, without auto cutter
OCPP-88A-BUL0mobile printer, Bluetooth+USB+LAN, without auto-cutter

Picture show
-pos printer
80mm Restaurant POS Receipt/Bill Printer (OCPP-88A)
80mm Restaurant POS Receipt/Bill Printer (OCPP-88A)
80mm Restaurant POS Receipt/Bill Printer (OCPP-88A)
Power adaptor for option:
Europe, British, America, Australia, Asia etc.

Production capacity and lead time:
We have strong production capacity; we can produce thousand of printers and barcode scanners per day. Normally, our lead time between 1-5 days.


Shipping method:
Air, Sea, Express (DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, TNT and so on)

12+1 months of shipment normally. Some designated models can have as long as 24 months warranty. Spare parts can be provided for mass order.

Payment term:
T/T in advance, Western Union, PayPal, Escrow, L/C, Cash, etc

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